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Expertise cable assembly

Cable assembly for sensors

Cables and plugs are used to transmit power and signals between different sources and devices. Requirements for cables, plugs and connections vary greatly depending on the industry and application.

VYPRO has specialised in the requirements for sensors in the field of cable assembly. We process cable and stranded conductors from 0.02mm² to 6mm² (AWG 34-10), stripping is offered as full, partial or multiple stripping. Our range of services is primarily aimed at automation technology as well as plant and equipment construction. We are also happy to serve requirements from other industries. We manufacture according to customer specifications and support our customers in the selection and design of cables, plug systems and wires.

Cable assembly

  • Flat and round cable cutting cross sections from 0.02 - 6mm²
  • Stripping and crimping
  • Cleaning and tinning
  • Connection test
VYPRO test station

Quality monitoring

  • Mechanical testing
  • Electrical testing
  • Climatic testing
  • Documentation of test results
Machine VYPRO

We solder, crimp and screw

We assemble the cut cables and stranded wires customer-specific on your components.

Functional testing and potting

After the assembly we also take over the function test and - if necessary - the potting of the product.